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Streaming API - need some testers

Mike Medved


FOR PROGRAMMERS: We have been developing a streaming API that would allow you to connect to MT for pass-through market data and to trade through our supported brokers.

The API is websocket/JSON (or XML if you prefer) based.

It would allow you to connect through MT to any data source we support (with one or potentially two exceptions) for streaming L1/L2 data or news, for historical data, set up and receive MT alerts, monitor your trading account, place, modify and cancel trades. MT would have to be running in order to connect to it (obviously) but can just be one window and minimized out of the way.

The advantage of using MT API is that you would have a consistent, simple, streaming interface while MT does all the hard work of connecting to various brokers and data sources' APIs for you. Switching data sources would be as simple as one API call.

If you'd like to beta-test this, please message us on support@medvedtrader.com, describe what you want to do with the API and we will set you up.

If you know anyone who'd be interested in something like this, tell them to contact us as well.

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Before I sign up, can your "trading" API calls be made from within Advanced Paintbars in MT?  I realize your API is geared for external program access, but I would be interested in automated trading from within your Advanced Paintbar environment, using IB broker.  If this can be accomplished, then I'm very interested.  Back in the early 2000's, I used the Wealthlab environment to have back-tested algos trade for me - I still remember the day I had a logic error in my code, and trades were firing off and I screamed bloody hell......my wife thought that someone was killing me!


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Mike - I've sent you an email.  I would love to have early access to the API so I can evaluate if it meets my needs.  All I want to do is:

  • Retrieve account balances (net liquidity, buying power, etc).
  • Place and manage (status, cancel, replace) futures trades.
  • Optional - receive RT quotes, aggregated to per-second ticks is fine.

My current FCM/brokerages are:

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Interactive Brokers

Thank you!

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