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Truncate large numbers



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we do on places like labels. But in fields where the values are shown, they must be fully shown. if you have 20,000,000, you need to be able to tell if it changes to 20,000,500 and just because something has high volume for the day does not mean it is flowing fast now, so cannot assume that those last digits are insignificant

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No, seriously. C# doesn't include in its libraries the "AlmostEquals" kind of function for floats. So I had to write it myself.

It is a non trivial problem. The most precise method would be of course to decode the IEEE float into its exponent/fraction components and then compare them. I settled for a different method that unfortunately involves calling log functions etc. It is a little slower but I think more clear. But I of course screwed it up. Fixed now. Will be in next ver.

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