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Way to tag or flag tickers



Maybe there is a way to do this; not sure.

I swing trade.  I keep a master watchlist of maybe 250 symbols.    They may represent purely momentum stocks; like crypto miners, some stronger longer term growth names like ROKU or CRWD, some young IPOs I'm interested in, etc.    At first I kept them in separate lists so I could review them as groups; but some crossover and I'd have duplicates.  Also, once the day starts I like to be able to quickly see out of my universe which are moving and which have higher volume that day; so having them all in one list without breaks is valuable.  Therefore, the groupings or subgroups on the screen don't work that well as I can't see how everything is doing relative to everything else.

I was thinking today it would be great to have a way to flag a ticker to be on one or more "sub lists" if you will.    Maybe one column where you could add/see flags and then filter by them or you could toggle them on where the news and lightbulb characters are...or something else.     Its' possible you already have something like this or that I could use in lieu of this..

For example, in the example i included, red might mean it's from the high momentum list; blue might mean it's got high grown, green might mean its' ipo's in the last year (and the user can decide what each one means).     Key would be ability to see them and potentially filter the list.   Could be many other ways to implement but bottom line wondering if there is a way to flag or tag things in a list and then filter.




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Well conceptually it is kinda hard to do to mark them several different ways at once.

Marking them one way is easy.

1. There is a Note column that you can edit

2. There are subgroups you can make in the portfolio (using ---something as a group separator) and drag symbols from one group to another, collapse/expand groups, have separate totals for groups etc.

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