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TDAmeritrade vs Tradier Question


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I primarily get data from TD Ameritrade and have Interactive Brokers as a backup source.  

I have not had many issues with TD Ameritrade but (a) sometimes find symbols they don't provide data for (even though they are on major exchanges and have reasonable volume) and I have to backfill from IB and (b) I'd prefer the intraday data go back a bit further.

Wondering comparatively how Tradier stacks up in those respects as I could open a Tradier account.  Specifically - is the intraday backfill (one minute or five minute, I don't need tick) as long or longer than TD?    And, how are they in terms of their coverage of various tickers?



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Curious - for TD Ameritrade I have it set to 120 days in settings.   But my charts are not filling 120 days.    For instance, right now if i pick a symbol i have not picked before, it's going back to 7/6, which I think is around 80 calendar days (and less trading days).   This is consistent any time I put in a new symbol and look on a 5 minute chart.  Do I need to adjust as setting somewhere else to get the full 120 days?  (Also, is it calendar days or business days).   Thanks.

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