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Finally I figured out how to reproduce the new symbol box losing focus part way through entering a new symbol


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After what feels like years I have figured out why half the time when I go to type in a new symbol on a chart I only get part of the letters of the symbol entered.  This has been driving me absolutely nuts.

How to reproduce:

If you have medved open on one screen and active with focus on it.  Then on your second screen, which has no medved windows, you change focus to it by using a browser or clicking on the desktop (whatever doesn't matter).  Then you go back to your medved window and quickly click inside a chart window to change focus to that window and very quickly start typing the letters into the box of a symbol, the new symbol box loses focus (no idea what gets it) and only part of the symbols letters get entered into the box. It seems like the focus is given back to the monitors desktop ie totally lost to medved.

You can do this with one screen as well so long as you have medved not covering the entire desktop and just click to the desktop instead of another screen.

I think when medved is heavily loaded during the day the time you have after clicking on the chart before you have to start typing becomes longer for this still to occur.

Also I can reproduce this on a depth chart as well.

If you wait after giving focus to the chart this will not occur.


Begging you to fix this :)




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Max a chart by double clicking on it. Then try the same but have focus somewhere else and then just double click on chart. One of your clicks gets eaten by Windows. I know to click once on chart, wait a second, then type symbol. Depends on your system and how it responds. Time to change your habits. On my system I cannot create your problem with typing a symbol, it's too fast. I click and no matter how fast I type the all the characters are entered properly.

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My first click on the chart activates the Medved window, you can tell because the status bar of the chart window changes color.  If I type really fast I can get a bunch of characters into the box but then the symbol box loses focus and the flashing cursor where I was typing is gone (symbol box stays on the chart). The Chart window still looks active as the status bar color is still the active color.  I think the delay you have to wait to not have this happen changes depending how heavily loaded Medved is at the time which makes it really frustrating as half the time I go to type a symbol and get part way through and it loses focus so I have to click back on the new symbol box to continue typing.

My hope is there is something that can be done to allow the symbol box to keep focus. I can click across to any other app and start typing immediately without the window losing focus so I don't think it is a windows problem. 

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Also if after losing context I continue to type nothing happens anywhere until I click somewhere at which point the new symbol box disappears unless you click within the new symbol box then you can continue typing. 

If the desktop had focus control at this point and you press control-A you should see all the icons selected on your desktop but you don't. 

It's like Medved gets lost between the symbol entry box and the chart window owning focus so everything is locked till you use the mouse to click somewhere and release the focus lock.  

You can do other things like press the windows key, alt-tab etc and focus will change as well. But as you do that the new symbol box auto closes

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I tried again and found if I have focus on another app and I click a chart and IMMEDIATELY type 3 characters, the first one is missing. If I wait half a second then there is no problem. The ticker symbol text box never loses focus. So my observation is different from yours. Maybe you have a custom keyboard/mouse app running? Try turning it off and run Windows native drivers. It would be very difficult to solve your problem, especially since other users, like myself, don't see the same thing. Click, wait a second, type a symbol, not a solution but a workaround.

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Flicker can be pronounced if some window are overlapping each other, even on edges.

under Settings \ Application \General

Try unchecking Bring All Windows to Front when one Window is clicked.

This should reduce flickering and improve keystroke entry in target window.

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@Kasper Thanks for the idea, disabling "bring all windows to front" fixes it, the cursor no longer goes away (gets lost) from the new symbol box.  But I need that enabled as I have a bunch of screens with lots of windows and need them brought to the front when I click on Medved.

I'll have to give a try adjusting all my windows to make sure there is 0 overlap and see if that helps with "bring all windows to front"  still enabled.

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Removing overlap didn't help.  

I also made sure there were no windows over Medved when I tested and I am still seeing the problem.  So it's all related to the function itself of "bring all windows to the front". When that runs it causes issues with the focus on the new symbol box in the chart when you start typing too soo. If you don't wait for the "bring all windows to front" function to finish before typing one of two things happen

1) your typing gets cut off

2) what you type misses some of the first letters

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