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question about creating an indicator

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I have about 5 moving averages on my daily chart (10,21,50,etc).  I was thinking it would be nice to be able to toggle them all on or off at once to see the candles + the other indicators.   i know I can click on each one in the title area one and a time to turn them on or off, and also know i can turn off or on all indicators - but neither is exactly what I want.   

Would I be able to create an indicator using the paintbar tools that would display moving averages?  In other words I know I'm able to draw a horizontal line w/ the paintbar; can I plot a moving average through that system so I could write an indicator that would display multiple moving averages that could be toggled on or off together?

If not, any other suggestions?


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You can, today, utilize paintbars to do indicators that can have as an output:

1. A single line/curve

2. A band (two lines, colored in between)

3. A set of straight lines with text on them

To make a full-fledged indicator editor would be hard. Mostly because indicators are written for efficiency, which adds complexity, and there is SO much stuff that can go into an indicator. Even if I do a pre-wizard to generate a lot of the code it is still complicated afterwards.

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