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Bressert DSS



Dear Jerry Medved,


Your program QuoteTracker had the indicator Bressert DSS. As you know, Bressert DSS gives a profitable signal while Fast, Slow, and Full Stochastic do not in trending Markets.


Please add Bressert DSS to the list of available indicators in your new program, Medved Trader.




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It's the standard Bressert DSS formula:


1. Calc Highest High and Lowest Low for the period - HH and LL

2. Calc Value = 100*(Close-LL)/(HH-LL)

3. Get EMA(smooth) of Value = EMAValue

4. Get highest high and lowest low of EMAValue for the period - NewHH and NewLL

5. PreDSS = 100*(EMAValue-NewLL)/(NewHH-NewLL)

6. DSS = EMA(smooth) of PreDSS

7. Plot DSS


In the future, I think we will release the source of all (most?) indicators. Both so that these kinds of questions can be answered and as models for people who will write their own indicators to include in MT.

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