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Unable to trade on charts when value is less than 0.00001


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Interesting little bug here. When trading on the charts with something that has a value LESS than 0.00001, it will automatically default to 0.00001 and will not let you add more decimals. However, when something is above 0.00001, you actually CAN add more decimals by dragging ONLY, if you try to edit the value explicitly, it will cap it at 0.00001 and you can't add more decimals or use the up/down arrows. I have attached two screenshots showing a trade with < 0.00001 (#POE.BTC:BINANCE) and one with just above 0.00001 (#XVG.BTC:BINANCE):




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ok allow buy of minimum of 0.00001 is a site restriction on many crypto sites.  

SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL - did you change he price display to: #,###,###,##0.00######

I updated new MT installs to do that but existing ones would not be updated. 

If you have specific situations - let us know.  

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Tried setting the spin increments and resetting the display settings... No cigar.

Here's another snapshot of the issue happening. I set the buy amount to 5,000 XVG which is around 0.045 BTC @ 0.00000874, and I drag the buy order over the chart. There's a "floor" that won't let me drag the buy indicator below 0.00001000, but I can drag it anywhere => 0.00001000.


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