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Patrick Masters

Is a Liquid Gainer scan Possible

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I have been using TC2000 and ThinkorSwim for the last year and have gotten pretty comfortable putting together scans in both applications. However, Medved Trader has completely baffled me when it comes to scans. I watched a couple of the videos on setting up scans and I feel confused. 


From what I understand, I can only scan from the symbols I put in my watchlist and portfolios and not from the total market, correct? If I am not correct, is there a way set up a scan that can scan the overall stocks to meet my parameters?

What I would like to put together is a scan for Liquid Gainers and losers as well as a scan for active movers similar the scans that come with DAS Pro.


Also does anyone have a video link that explains scanning in Medved Trader a little bit better and is more recent as well as a link to some scans that others have already been compiled?



Here is the parameters I use for my Liquid Gainers


Here are the parameters I use for my Top Losers scans:


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added screen caps of my scans

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Any scan that you can express as references to certain symbol-specific parameters in MT is possible.

Simple scans are a set of rules, evaluated one after the other. For example, if the rule is that price percent change change today is between 2 and 100, you can make two rules.


1. if SymbolData.ChangePercent < 2 return       


2. if SymbolData.ChangePercent > 100 return

this way if it is between 2 and 100 it will go on to the 3rd rule - see an example rule here:


3rd rule could be - if Volume < 100000 return


Note: this way you eliminate all unwanted symbols by doing "and Stop" rules. Then the last rule could be the positive one, for example

if Close > 5 Set Color or Set Scan result etc...

I thought our videos on scanning or paintbars were pretty clear... But any suggestions on how to make them better are welcome.




Of course, if you want to switch the scan to Advanced mode, you would be able to just code the criteria in C#, combining as many of them in one if statement as you want and doing more sophisticated logic.

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