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Open chart lagging.


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Any chart I have open seems to be charting several minutes behind. If I close a chart then reopen it right away it then gets updated. The inline charts and streaming quotes are fine so it doesn't appear to be a data source issue just an internal MT charts one.

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Here is a screenshot, first where the chart was open for a period of time, the second one is the same chart that I closed and reopened right away. For both you can see the inline chart and compare the difference with the open chart. I'll send the log file and reference this thread.



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Thanks guys.  Was having same issue today so pulled down latest beta.  Have MT set to load any new beta but who knows.   Seems to now push old data off screen on left side as it should when set to Never in View for Ext Hrs. Or other settings which I tried as to 1 day, 2 day w/ Ext Hrs.  Nothing was stopping that overlap on right.  I'd look over to see if 3 min candle had changed dramatically until lost interest.  Come back in 15 mins or more only to see bang move up/down.  Annoying, esp if an Alert hadn't been hit yet to call attention to chart.

Before Yahoo and/or TDA seem to overlap the incoming candles (like in OP's line).  I set Never under View for Ext Hrs.   So far fresh data view (incoming candles) haven't "gone under" right side as new candles come in.  I understand about the scroll bar below being red when not flush right.  Thing is how to reduce the amount of space off on right. There's 3 grades of grey here, so I'd like middle grey (ext hrs) to be flush right.  But when I adjust with either control/shift that 3rd grey on right side pops back too much to left (leaving fairly wide unused space.)   Again, I can narrow that space but is there a setting to turn off the unused space just to left of price?  Or keep it tiny?  I used large amount of space in example image to the amount of unused space.   Gets almost dangerous Aft Hrs on stocks TDA allows to trade beyond Ext Hrs like IWM DIA XLK QQQ & bunch others.  They call that EXTO allowed.  Sending this to Jerry M too.

Far Right Area Ext Hrs.JPG

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