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Headline alert filter, hard to use for many filters


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  That one line entry is not holding up very well, in addition to acting screwy and closing the window  as you type.  Im having to edit the filter in an editor and paste it to get it to work

  Im adding quite a few filter blocks and the one line and a bunch of OR statements is  hard to maintain

  Maybe a screen , where each filter can be entered on a separate line  ?

  PS  I see now that there is a 256 char limit .    Not really enough  to be useful in blocking all the garbage that comes across.



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5 hours ago, stock777 said:

   Here's a  screen capture of what I'm seeing.    If you can divine something from this, my hats off to ya

   I tried to think of what I might be running that would cause a window to close , but there's nothing obvious.


if I wanted a  screen capture,  don't you think I would have asked for it? 

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