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  1. Toggling bid/ask lines on intraday charts causes unnecessary redraw & resize of price axis even when bid/ask values in the displayed period do not warrant it. This is also true of indicators like the MAs or BBands, which should only (if so enabled) change the price scale based on indicator values in the displayed range. So this is a subtle, but visually annoying bug. I have sent you some video screencaps.
  2. I'm not sure about other news providers, but Stockwatch has 1yr worth of past news bulletins for stocks. The URL for that is something like this: http://www.stockwatch.com/News/Search.aspx?wire=0&symbolchanges=Y&region=C&symbol=[symbol] Can you make that accessible from the news pane by right-clicking on a symbol ? It is disconcerting to see "No news for [symbol]" when there are in fact lots of past news releases available. Thank you.
  3. Thanks - I shrank the "Edit Indicator" window and it remembers the smaller size. Nice. If legends are off we still need cumbersome menus to turn indicators on off. It would be nicer to handle indicators same way as trendlines. Can you do it ?
  4. Right now we can click to select trendlines, and use right-click menu (or 'Del' key) to delete them. This is good. Can you apply the same trick to make it easier to Hide indicators ? (Left/right click to select; right click menu, or 'H' key shortcut to Hide.) Also, a couple pet peeves about the "edit indicators" dialog : 1) it uses a huge window that can obscure an entire chart; please make the window smaller. 2) in the right pane, it requires a left-click to first select an indicator, followed by a right-click to access the menu - could you change it so the right-click selects
  5. I'm going to send you a video screencap to show you what I mean - I think something's not quite right.
  6. Thanks for the clarification - I will let it rest for now. (If you ever implement user-defined hotkeys this topic may come back)
  7. Right, I do see that the right/left arrowkeys scroll the chart while keeping the cursor on the selected bar, but is there a reason why you cannot make the other (UP/DOWN) arrowkeys select different bars in the chart ? The trace-linked Raw Window would then be made to jump to the first data point in the candle. That would make the functionality more symmetrical and intuitive.
  8. Hi, Currently up/down arrowkeys scroll the Raw Data window. If it is trace-linked to charts, the cursor in corresponding chart(s) follows the selected row in the Raw Data window. All good ! But the reverse does not work - i.e. if I select a chart, I can not use the arrowkeys to move through the bars; yet, moving the mouse does move the trace, and this is tracked in the trace-linked Raw Data row selection. Why the asymmetry? I.e. could you enable up/down arrowkeys for precise trace control while inspecting a chart? (I think I may have asked about this before but I cannot rec
  9. When the trace OHLCV box obscures part of a chart, I have to manually drag it to an empty location. This can be a distraction. Suggestion: make an option to auto-locate the box, so it always goes in an area of the chart with minimum or no bars/ticks. Thanks !
  10. Issue: cannot select / restore chart to original (200bar) period after zoom. Initial state: Working in a 200bar historical chart with valid data. Steps to Reproduce: 1) zoom into a region of chart with mouse gesture (Ctrl-click-drag) 2) attempt to restore chart period using either keyboard number shortcuts (6) or menu entry (Period: 200bars) 3) chart does not revert to selected period Workaround: Selecting 6month or Year-to-date period, followed by selecting 200bar period works. [The same issue occurs when the original period in the chart is 50bar or 100bar.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, I will give them a shot. Meantime, please let my idea simmer in your mind as it may lead to a tidier experience for MT users.
  12. Right now I use TDA for US stocks and Stockwatch for Canada. As it stands, MT requires separate QuoteGrids for Canada and US stocks. BUT many Canadian stocks trade in the US. It would be far better to put them in the same QuoteGrid, where related symbols can be adjacent. Could you add this feature ? How this may work: User specifies a "default" feed. This can be any feed, delayed or real-time. As the name implies, MT uses this by default, for symbols that do not have a suffix. User may also specify a "preferred" feed for symbols with specific suffix. It overrides the d
  13. Understood - there will be features that are best implemented when there is a wider, more knowledgeable user community that can help newbies, so you don't get tied up with trivial/useless support requests. Consider having an expert tier of MT users participate as assistants.
  14. OK, but I may not want to group symbols - just hide ad-hoc symbols. And yeah, filtering is not something I'd expect soon - just really useful, down the road.
  15. Please add this to your todo list: Enable user to hide (exclude) rows in QuoteGrid, without deleting symbols; MT would need a way to view hidden rows. See screencap of Intuit's Quicken software for how this may work. More generally, enable user to specify criteria to filter the QuoteGrid, and display only rows that meet those criteria. Filter can be turned on/off; ability to save filter criteria would be great. This can be modelled after Excel's Data/Filter functionality. Example criteria: MarketCap < 500M, MarketCap > 150M, AvgVol < 100,000, Ch% > 3.00
  16. Sure - not a high priority - just something nice to further distance MT from the competition
  17. I see it now - it's better. Maybe I can throw in one more request/suggestion - initiate/cancel backfill by right-click menu on a Portfolio line in the "Windows" pane of the Dashboard. The context there is un-ambiguous - you are referring to a specific Portfolio and you can have the progress indicator in the same line instead of at the top of the dashboard window?
  18. Is there a way to choose the color of bid/ask lines if displayed on charts ? If there is not yet a way, could you add a color selector like you have for other indicators ? I like to toggle bid/ask lines on&off, but having them default to red/green interferes visually with other indicators I use that are those same colors. Thanks.
  19. It would be useful for analysis of options & warrants to have a column for time-to-expiry (in days). Another useful column is "leverage" : Leverage = delta(option) * price(underlying) / * price(option) ex: delta = .35 ; stock price = 5.00 ; call option price = 0.25 -> leverage = 0.35 * 5.00 / 0.25 = 7.00 Example table with info likt thiis: http://www.financialpost.com/markets/data/group-warrants.html It would also be nice to be able to import the above table into MT for analysis and trade idea generation.
  20. OK, I see that. But I've noticed that if I start a "Backfill All" request, then switch to a new portfolio within a QuoteGrid, the backfill in progress on the old portfolio continues while the new portfolio displays. At this point the only indication of a backfill occurring is in the Dashboard, from which it cannot be cancelled. Is this what you want?
  21. Currently, there is a small status indication in the "Data Sources" part of MT Dashboard, but there is no way to know how far along a multi-symbol backfill has gotten, and how much more may remain. I'd like a more informative progress indicator, maybe in its own window. It could even have a button to allow user to cancel a backfill in progress. If not in its own window, maybe in the status area of the QuoteGrid from which the backfill was requested? Also - a question - when I do a "Backfill All", does it backfill ALL PORTFOLIOS, or just the portfolio corresponding to the window on whi
  22. Got it - and, even though the MT grid control may not be optimal for this, pls add ctrl-click multi-select to the longterm todo list. I am sure I will not be the only one who wants it. Also - why could you not have copy/paste of symbols from one QuoteGrid to another via clipboard ? Drag/drop can *move* symbols from one grid to another; it can not add copies, from what I can tell. Here is why I think this is useful: What I find myself doing now is when I want copies of multiple symbols (scan from a big portfolio) copied into a smaller list for quick access, then I have to manually
  23. Yes, but symbols that can be selected in the current method have to be adjacent in the QuoteGrid. Ctrl-click would allow selection of non-adjacent symbols. And ... clipboard cut/copy/paste? Yes or no?
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