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TDAmeritrade login error after update


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So I have no idea how it resolved by itself. But I also tried with Etrade, and it was also not working. I didn't do anything with my computer in the last days. No downloads, no uploads, no new installations of programs, nothing. And yesterday it was working perfectly. Today before updating MT too. It was only after updating MT. If you want, you can take a look at my log file. Maybe you find there the explanation for this? 

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Lately TDA has been sending me those 'text you a code to logon' messages a couple of times a week and twice just this morning. If I exit the request without entering a code then quotes are stopped. Perhaps Dr PennyStock missed that popup window so his quotes were shut off. Exiting MT and starting it again always seems to fix it for me. Just a thought.

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we are aware of the issue and have been in contact with TD Ameritrade about it. There are 2 different issues. 1) why the full relogin is needed in the first place (that is when the security questions/security code prompt comes up) and 2) why the "trusted device" thing is ignored. I know at least one of those is fixed and waiting to be released soon. 

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